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Amy Vertrees, MD, FACS

Army Veteran

Dr. Vertrees received her training in the Army at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. She served at the heights of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and deployed 3 times. She served 17 years and earned the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. 

Experienced General Surgeon 

Dr. Vertrees has performed thousands of cases since finishing residency at the largest referral center in the military. She is an expert in gallbladder removal, hernia repair, colon and anorectal surgery, breast surgery, mass removal and port placement. 

Custom breast cancer treatment

A new diagnosis of breast cancer can be overwhelming. Breast cancer treatment has become more complex with many choices. You need a surgeon familiar with the most current recommendations, but also interested in the treatment options that are best for you. Dr. Vertrees trained and practiced at the largest referral center in the military and has kept up to date on the latest treatments. She believes strongly in multi-disciplinary teams and patient-focused care.